Bumblebee – Die Hummel

Der große Hummelreport – Lavenda

Der große Hummelreport – Babarin

Would you like to wake up one day and only have to pollinate trees and flowers by hand? Maja Lunde described in her novel „The story of the bees“ what would happen if the species of bees died out. We would mutate to the shadow of our present state. Poverty, famine and the death of many would be the result. 

campaign – Schock

Let’s face it, have you ever wondered what is happening in the harvested areas around the city? Animals, insects and plants are fighting for survival every day, and if we all keep it up, that’s our fate too. Powerful imagery and haunting are features of the campaign, because just as powerful is its devastating output. 

campaign – Verschwunden

Species extinction is a serious matter, it has severe consequences for our ecosystem and the society we live in. Unfortunately, insects are so small and therefore their death should be visibly remembered, large and staged on 18/1 at every public node where life pulsates and insects die.

campaign – Hallo!

Now give us some room! The best description for species protection would be to simply not behave like a big As***ole. Therefore rather watch out now! Before crying out loud later!