For (H)Onor

The concept of „For Onor“ is based on the theme of volunteering. The idea behind it is quickly told. The voluntary work is a popular method to give something back to the world free of charge and to make oneself useful in the society. There are a number of honorary positions to be discovered, and I came up with the idea that honorary work could also have a place in the publishing company. In this case, large renowned editorial staffs of magazines & journals should dedicate themselves alternately to a „For Onor“, the income generated by this is given in part back into production and another larger part to an honorary community.

In each magazine is a theme that supports the title in the foreground and the people behind the honorary offices get here the greatest focus. They talk about their work and the light and dark sides of the activity. The concept understands itself as support of the society and has a smaller inhibition threshold than the homeless magazines. Here, an independent format or a supplement to an existing magazine – designed in the style of the parent magazine – was considered.In addition, the For Onor comes in two formats for the target groups Generation X & Y, the For Onor youngcare is aimed specifically at younger people who have not yet had much contact with the topic of volunteering.

concept – For Onor as an independent magazine
For Onor – Mindfulness
concept – For Onor as part of an existing magazine
For Onor meets Flow as a small issue with the topic „strengths and weaknesses“
For Onor meets National Geographic as a small issue with the topic „Blindness“

campaign – Sei keine S.U.S.I.

campaign – Honorful