Terror as Resonance

The Triptychon of Racism – content

Empathy Card’s

There was not enough time for the last of the three workbooks. The ideas for it I have implemented partly in the empathy cards and partly in the workshops for the „Vielfalt’s Montag“ which was organized by the city of Dessau-Roßlau.

15 cards for a better day

campaign – What Matter’s


Information Poster – „Vielfalt’s Montag“-Workshops

Social Media – Instagram Account

Making of – Developing Ideas

Writing a thesis on racism from the point of view of a white male is sometimes more difficult than initially thought. The problem is that you’re grabbing a barrel full of nails and dynamite and you don’t know what’s going to cause you significant damage first. I have developed a lot of ideas and discarded many of them. The rasssism known in Germany is difficult and diverse and therefore these ideas could have been interpreted in a very misleading way. But since they belong to a learning process, they come into the making of. 

campaign – Facing

The initial idea was to show the unimportance of skin colors for everyday life. People should be given the opportunity to adapt or modify themselves and then live unnoticed among the „others“. However, this was more for satirical purposes than as a completely serious option. People of several ethnicities should be photographed and then „re-faced“. The big sticking point here, however, is „irrelevance“. I would have shown true color ignorance here. In addition, the living conditions of POC’s defamed and radically speaking operated „Black Facing“. 

Swapping colour
Facing – make your self uniform

Model: Valeriya Chuprova, Mark Wallisch, Yuri Moliev, Randall Chappell, June Jong,
Feras Alrawashdh, Sadia, Marcos Vinicius dos Anjos, Siemore Pekker