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Do you actually still read newspapers?

If so, we would like to welcome you to our first yoonek. The magazine, in itself, is a controversial format, there is definitely always the question: „Is it still progressive to present on an analog medium?“ Especially for a design-oriented department, the question is significant. The eco-balance is currently raising many questions in our circles, and even more solutions are being created by creative students. The cry for deceleration and progress can be heard in equal parts. Because on the one hand we want to reach for ever higher stars in the digital revolution, but at the same time many are getting lost in this web. We want a security at hand. Now the yoonek is not their security! What it is, however, is a format created with a lot of emotions to reconcile and connect digital, product and communication at our department. Because it is not always easy to integrate different disciplines while responding to all needs. This time, yoonek one focuses on the topic of renewal.

Because currently many things are changing, for example we have moved away from our old name and have a new one. Likewise, much of the concept of the original magazine has renewed. Many of our topics in the current issue take up the renewal of outdated views. The design department is also about to undergo a change that will bring a new perspective to everyday life. Next year, our new and of course old students will study together for the first time, a challenge and at the same time a nice moment to look forward to what is possible together. We would also like to thank in advance all the students and professors for their commitment and great contributions. And an equally big thank you to Fedrigoni and Trigger Medien without whom the magazine would not have been possible in the first place. We hope you enjoy the current analog version of our magazine just as much, and maybe you’ll have your own renewal moment in 2019. If so, please let us know.

page overview – yoonek one: renewal

colourful inside of the magazine on 132 pages

Making of yoonek

The „yoonek one“ was previously called „InGrid“ and is a magazine format about the Dessau campus and the Department of Design. Unfortunately, Dessau is not particularly attractive as a small town for many applicants and therefore many potential creatives opt for the magic of the big city. But the Dessau Campus offers everything that is necessary to let creative life blossom there. Therefore, my goal was to attract new creatives and to create a format that deals with projects of the current semester and the topics of creative work. It also forms my first step in teaching and organizing a course for the bachelor program. An editorial team of six students was formed, we even had a student from our American partner university on board. In the context of the course, we visited the agency „Scholz&Friends“ in Berlin, went on an excursion to the printing company „Trigger Medien“ and in the evening enjoyed the presentation of the Fedrigoni Top Award 2019.

The yoonek- Brand Manual